Dailyweeddispensary.com is one of the oldest dispensaries in the California state. Our team grows it’s own cannabis plants in the most pres teemed of conditions. All of this is to ensure it is of the highest quality. We provide top-notch cannabis not only in california but throughout the U.S.A. We also Ship out of the country to Europe and Asia. At dailyweeddispensary.com we provide cannabis in all it’s forms such as: cannabis seeds, cannabis buds, cannabis cartridges, edibles, oils and more.Our team is made up of cannabis connoisseurs who not only answer all your cannabis related questions, but can advise you on what strain to take, if you use cannabis for medical purposes. Dailyweeddispensary provides cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. For more info about dailyweeddispensary feel free to contact us on our mail sales@dailyweeddispensary.com and we will only be to happy to hear from you.

payment options

After placing an order online on dailyweeddispensary.com. Payments can be made either through:

  • Bitcoins
  • CashApp 
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • Paypal

All payments are made offline to ensure customer anonymity. Hence to make sure your order is completed, please contact our agents either via live chat, or our whatsapp number for details on how to proceed.